Who said love isn’t real?

Love. such a simple word. Something we tell others we care about, but what is love really? Is it just a word? A feeling? An expression? Some would cast love to those simple terms, but it’s much deeper than that. Love is the sweet nectar that we taste from the tree we call, Life, but you must work and be patient to extract the tasty reward. It’s the engine that keeps the car of society moving forward. It gives us hope. It shows us just how beautiful people are. I have a two-year old nephew who doesn’t understand or speak the word, but when he climbs up my arms and gives me a big hug, the energy is transferred. That is the most purest form of love. Love is neither a word, feeling, or expression; it is a physical presence. An energy that can be transferred from one life form to another. Love is life. It is all around us, within us, constantly moving throughout the universe. You can ask a farmer or florist with good healthy plants how do they get their plants to grow, and they may say, “with love of course.” Love is nurturing, its soft, harsh, humbling. If Life was a school, and experience was the teacher then love would be a lesson. Love is a gift. When God blew that first breath into Adam and Eve, he blew love into them. They were his creation; they were him. So he gave them his love which made them live. Lastly, Love is pure; When a mother holds her newborn baby for the first time, that love is pure and beautiful. It’s the stabilizer of the universe. No matter how bad or confusing it can get, those small moments can just stop time and make you forget about the bad. With love we can conquer the evils of the world. So I repeat to you, love is neither just a word, feeling, or expression. The next time someone tells you that love isn’t real. Challenge them. Do a small act of kindness and watch how it may change someone’s day. That my friend is love.